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      1. About

        Tanell is an company that operates in the supplying market for Oil and Gas plant, Chemical industry, Energy and Water since 1981. Since the beginning our goals are: quality of the components produced and sold, efficiency of our managing processes and flexibility in supporting our customers satisfying their projects needs.



        Direct supplier offering the best solution in terms of quality and price

        Quality – We follow the ISO9001:2008 quality system and everything is under control
        Service – We provide what you need, including transportation, inventory, quality control, etc.
        Experience – Industry experience in special alloys since 1999
        Responsibility – providing the best products at the best price
        System – our collaborative development
        software – Kingdee K3 highly customized version 5.0.08, a software that effectively controls the whole system
        Inventories – raw material reserves of 150 tons (including special metal alloy reserves of 30 tons), semi-finished and finished product reserves have reached 80 tons
        Freight – efficient and timely shipping on the same day, can be shipped to more than 50 countries


        Have you lost a lot of money because of poor supplier quality control?

        Quality control and production capacity have always been a set of contradictions, and God Bless has made them friends. At the same time as our production capacity is increasing, the quality control work is fully rolled out on the production line. Whether it is day or night, or manufacturing inventory, it is our responsibility to ensure high quality.



        We specialize in the manufacture of duplex steels (S31803/S32205 and S32750/S32760) with many years of smelting and processing technology.

        Whether it is the quantitative analysis of the difference between the solution temperature and the holding time, or the extreme control of the microscopic elements, the degree of purity of the fire is as good as that of the cockroach, and it is believed that the duplex steel pipe produced under this situation Whether it is mechanical properties or ferrite ratio, it will be a beautiful piece of data.