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      1. Products

        At this moment, we really want to celebrate our products. However, we are more willing to spend time at the core of the situation, that is to meet the needs of our customers. Our business philosophy is clear: to create a factory with better reputation, higher efficiency and larger scale, as well as products that provide higher cost performance and better after-sales service.

        Stainless steel pipe fittings

        We supply seamless and welded Carbon, Stainless and Alloy Steel pipes, for various range of temperatures and pressures, suitable for corrosive environment.

        Our products fulfill with ASME, EN and PED Codes. Our products are tested into laboratories as per our customers’ requests.

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        Butt welded pipe fittings

        We supply BW fittings, in particular elbows, Tees, concentric and eccentric reductions, caps, socket welded / threaded fittings in all the materials available for the different applications.

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        Quick plug fitting

        Welding Neck (WN) e Long Welding Neck (LWN), Blind, Slip on, Socket weld, Threaded, e Lap Joint.Our flanges are available into all ANSI and API classes. Steel, carbon and other available materials.

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        PC ball valve

        The Tanell Division that produces valves is a highly specialized business unit, especially into designing and realizing a whole range of valves.A unique network ready to implement any kind of project with a wide range of solutions, short realization times and highly competitive packages.

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        Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

        We supply different types of gaskets: spiral, ovals, octagons shaped and made by a wide range of materials.

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        Threaded pipe fittings

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